Puerto Rico Statehood supporters continue a national educational campaign with the release of “Hartford Courant” and “Star Ledger” full page publications that presents President Joe Biden. The publication reminds readers of the speech given by now President Biden where he expressed his support of statehood for Puerto Rico saying that “Statehood would be the most effective means of ensuring that the [American Citizens] residents of Puerto Rico are treated equally with full representation at the Federal level.”.

The two publications continue the national educational campaign of full-pages with pro-statehood messages that have been published in other Statewide and Nationwide newspapers:
“The News Journal”, Delaware on May 28.
“The Boston Globe”, Massachusetts on May 19.
“The New York Times” on May 12.
“The Hill” on April 15.
“Politico” on April 15.
“Roll Call” on April 20.

The messages supporting the Statehood Admission Bills HR.1522 and S.780 have been published following the Congressional Hearing held on April 14th where the Natural Resources Committee discussed H.R.1522, a bipartisan bill that was introduced by Florida Representative Darren Soto and Puerto Rico’s sole Representative Jenniffer González in March, to provide for the Admission of the State of Puerto Rico into the Union. The publication also presents the results where Statehood won on the last referendum held along with Puerto Rico’s November 2020 General Election. Puerto Rican voters never before had the opportunity to vote in a simple up-or-down, “YES” or “NO” question, where “YES” was support for statehood. The publication states that “We the People of Puerto Rico Have Decided” as a response to the words said by President Biden where he exclaimed that “the people of Puerto Rico must decide”. The full page shows the result that the “majority voted YES, 52.52% for statehood”, the result clearly being that the electorate voted in favor of being admitted as a State.

The November 2020 Referendum, held with a high participation rate of the voters in the General Election, was Puerto Rico’s third vote in favor of Statehood in less than a decade. The American Citizens of Puerto Rico have voted in three separate occasions where all the results have supported statehood; one of which included a question where the territorial status was overwhelmingly rejected. The U.S. Citizens of Puerto Rico have called on Congress to grant them full representation, benefits, responsibilities, and equality under statehood.

The full-page publication asks the President of the United States that it’s time to act, to strengthen democracy, respect the will of the people and support the legislation introduced in Congress, H.R.1522 and Senate Bill 780 titled: “To provide for the Admission of the State of Puerto Rico into the Union”.