Puerto Rico deserves equality. The federal government must do right by the Puerto Rican people with a referendum on equal rights!

The best option is equality plus progress, statehood with dignity!

En la “UNIÓN de Estados” esta la Fuerza!

We must guard against a “tyranny of a majority” and stay united.

With truth, reason, courage and action, we will overcome — for the good of us all!

This op-ed was written by “U.S. Army Officer Ret. Dennis O. Freytes is a member of the Florida Veterans Hall of Fame and a community servant leader”.

Read the entire op-ed published by “Florida Politics” here: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/412074-dennis-freytes-congress-must-provide-equality-for-puerto-rico-enact-hr-1522/?fbclid=IwAR2NwYYVzpLPRh5vkMRmK6cze_l70V7KetEv6nebMdRjnBF4Y_kLAw-EqLc