Democrats have made no secret of their intent to pack the U.S. Supreme Court, water down the protections of small states in the Senate and effectively demolish the Electoral College. All of these things are Overton window shifts in our constitutional order. 

One necessary but not sufficient step to do so is the (probably unconstitutional) admittance of the District of Columbia as a state, a sure fire bet to deliver two Democrat senators in perpetuity given that D.C. is a government-dependent mixture of Blacks, Latinos and woke Whites.

Unfortunately, the much different issue of statehood for Puerto Rico has been sucked into this maelstrom. Republicans should have a more open minded attitude toward Puerto Rican statehood aspirations than they do toward cynical calls for D.C statehood. Not only do the facts argue more strongly for Puerto Rican statehood, but it’s actually in the party’s self-interest to at least be open to it.

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