Last November, while most people focused on the U.S. Presidential election, there was another vote that occurred and could have long-term consequences for the future of our nation. Puerto Ricans went to the polls to vote on a simple but profound question: “Should Puerto Rico be immediately admitted into the Union as a state?” This was the third vote since 2012 regarding the status of Puerto Rico, and the third time that the voters chose statehood as their preferred status option. 

Unfortunately, voting for statehood is not enough for a territory to become a state. It takes Congressional action, and that is where local Representative Grace Napolitano can have an enormous impact on the future of the island and our nation as a whole. Congresswoman Napolitano is a senior member of the House Natural Resources Committee, which is the committee that is assigned jurisdiction over the status of Puerto Rico. 

It is critical that Rep. Napolitano supports statehood for Puerto Rico because it is the best way for Puerto Ricans to achieve equal status to other American citizens. It would also create the best economic outcome for the island and would respect the will of the people.  

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