Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is taking the lead in the Senate during a perilous time, with a pandemic raging and Americans struggling to keep their jobs or small businesses open. As Democrats work to tackle these important challenges alongside President Biden, it is critical that the party honors the zeal of equality that drove voters nationwide to entrust them with the reins of democracy and to not forget the disenfranchised voices in Puerto Rico, who are fighting for their rights as American citizens to finally achieve equal status under the law.

While there are many important issues Congress must face in the 117th session, Democrats must not ignore the democratic will expressed in Puerto Rico this past November, when a majority of voters cast their ballot in favor of statehood. This was the third vote on Puerto Rico’s status since 2012, and the third time that statehood earned the most support from voters.

The reason Puerto Ricans support statehood is easy to understand.

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